Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative (SMEC) customers are reporting telephone scams in the co-op service area. The co-op is warning people to be cautious and not fall victim to these scams. 

Someone claiming to represent SMEC is contacting people by telephone saying they are past due on their electric bill and if they don’t pay immediately with a credit or debit card their electricity will be cut off. Scammers may ask for the account number and any security codes or pin numbers to access your credit card or bank account. They may even ask that you purchase a pre-paid credit card for the amount they specify.

In some instances the caller has consumer account and meter information, which could easily be found in trash or dumpsters. As a precaution, it is recommended that you always shred any type of mail with personal information or account numbers visible. 

According to Mark Malone, SMEC’s CFO, no one from Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative will ever make a call of this nature. “Please do not give any personal information to a caller asking for payment to SMEC over the phone. Simply hang up then immediately dial SMEC and/or your local police department to report the incident.

SMEC customers should always be suspicious of anyone calling to collect money and asking for personal information. The co-op does not make telephone calls asking for payment of electric bills or past due accounts, nor do they request personal financial information over the phone,” Malone concluded.

Again, if you or someone you know should receive a call like this, please gather as much information as possible from the caller and contact SMEC immediately at (256) 638-2153 so the scam can be investigated.

Welcome to Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative

Sand Mountain Electric Cooperative is an electric distribution utility serving over 30,700 members in portions of DeKalb, Jackson, Marshall and Cherokee counties. The cooperative is located in northeast Alabama and it purchases power from the Tennessee Valley Authority, who is currently the nation’s largest generator of electricity.

The cooperative was organized on March 25, 1940 for the benefit of providing electric service to the people in rural areas at the lowest cost possible, consistent with sound business practices. In addition, this cooperative is a working partner for economic and environmental growth in the communities it serves.  The service area covers over 990 square miles of territory in the northeast corner of Alabama including 19 incorporated towns.

A nine-member board of directors is the governing body of the cooperative. Directors are elected each year at annual meeting to a three-year term. A director must be a cooperative member and must reside in the district they serve.

The board of directors hires the general manager to oversee the day-to-day business of the cooperative. A total of 76 employees including the general manager and staff are responsible for the daily operation of this organization.


This institution is an equal opportunity provider and employer.