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Alabama Living Magazine

ALABAMA LIVING is a monthly magazine mailed to all SMEC consumers. Readers will receive up-to-date information on co-op events and matters of concern to the rural electric industry. The local section is found on pages 4 - 8, and includes comments from our general manager, Mike Simpson, along with other events and programs pertaining to the co-op. Click here to view the current Alabama Living issue which includes monthly recipes!

Choose an Electric Heat Pump

Keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter with an economical, dependable electric heat pump. It’s a one-appliance system that does two jobs while saving you money.

The energy efficient heat pump captures heat from the outdoors and pumps it inside during the winter. In the summer, it pumps unwanted indoor heat and humidity outdoors.

Compare the cost of a heat pump and the smaller amount of energy it will use with the cost of buying and operating other kinds of heating and cooling systems. You’ll find that a heat pump is a smart buy.

Water Heater Reimbursement Program

An electric water heater can provide hot water on tap whenever needed. Homeowners currently using a gas water heater in their home may be eligible for reimbursement when they purchase a new electric water heater in exchange for their old gas one.

New homebuilders may also qualify for water heater reimbursement by installing a high efficiency heat pump in their all-electric home. Consumers must use one of SMEC’s certified heat pump contractors for the heat pump installation. Call the member service department for more information. Cash reimbursements are limited to $150. Only one water heater per home is eligible for the water heater reimbursement. Local telephone numbers are listed on our homepage.

Key Accounts

Our co-op, along with TVA provides engineering and technical assistance for commercial and industrial customers at no charge through the Comprehensive Services Program (CSP). If you use electricity in your business or industry, you could benefit significantly from these services.

The CSP covers all areas of energy use, including lighting, HVAC, wiring and electrical distribution equipment, metering, energy audits, food services, power quality, process recommendations, power factor, grounding/lightning, infrared scans, industrial expansion services, demand-side management, water heating, special end-use projects, industrial processes, load management, and commercial cooking.

We can help you strengthen your business or industry by maximizing your energy resources. Call our member service department today and request a consultation to discuss your energy challenges. Local telephone numbers are listed on our homepage.